Tropotopia is...

A fluid virtual space where textualities and the multiplicity of their  meanings can be intuited, sensed, and imagined without the usual  constraints of social consciousness and its limiting reality principle.


Textuality  expressed through literacy, orality, visuality, and aurality, is  palpable in the sense that it can always be felt; even if not  immediately grasped, it is usually intuited and can thus become  meaningful. To abstract a thought, an idea, a notion, and allow the  expression of its untold possibilities, from the dreamscape to the  digital pixilation, is the reason for being of Tropotopia.


It  is a problematic space, an evolving locus in the eternal process of  becoming. It is simultaneously a placid place as well as a sore site  populated with its expected binarisms competing with their unexpected  heterogeneous hybrids existing and mutating in the unexplored spaces  in-between. 


This is the essence of Tropotopia.