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Citi Tourist

The citi tourist is the barely marginalized migrant alien who is able to cross  borders “legally” with a passport by getting their hands on that  ubiquitous wallet sized plastic card printed with raised numbers which  determine how, what, when, where, why, and who is a virtual subject of  the Corponation. 


Egg Men

Like petals of the same flower sharing the same stem and, even though  dependent on cross pollination, still believing themselves superiorly unique are always seeking , questing, searching for answers to their  origins in a closed circuit of knowledge always looking inward to the  center, navel gazing and consumed by the eternal paradox of the chicken  or the egg. 



Blind testing in multiple controlled and uncontrolled experiments has  proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the actual effect of an impact  resulting from an unforeseen event is relative to the energy released by  any moving object, calculated as speed plus mass, as it collides with  an unperceived object of equal or greater mass, depending on whether  this object is also in motion or stationary. 

About Us


Tongue Tied

Being tongue tied is freaky, freaky, freaky, and that is why it is so cool to be French speaking while growing up and living in Norht Africa  except that it is almost the same if one grows up and lives in Haiti  and tries to cross over to the Dominican Republic and then tries to find  work and then it is not so cool anymore… 


Pajaros Vortex

From the creators of The Time Tunnel and the  Freudian slips of Sir Hitchcock’s mind emerges a hypnotic allegory of  timeless sexual repression flying as a trinity free from the Status Quo  of the center. 


Tongue Tied N

When the stinky hairy ones forced us to speak like  them, walk like them, act like them, believe like them, eat like them,  dress like them, live like them, die like them, but like, you know, we  suffered all their impositions, even smallpox and we still are not liked  by them…