What are Tripticos?

Tripticos are, essentially, 3 in 1 poems.  They are textual constructs that challenge the perception of normative  monolingual literacy by bringing together the constitutive elements of  two separate language systems while, at the same time, maintaining their  individual cultural particularities. 


Blues in Sol & Other Otros Tripticos

“How does one read a triptico?  One begins with the knowledge at hand. It is read across, from left to  right like most traditional verses in our shared cultures. One notices  that the meanings from one language fuse together with the other at the  crossroads, at the intersections (los intersticios) like crossing an  imaginary border that, nonetheless, is very real… it is palpable beyond  sight and sound.

But  beyond these borderline readings there are at least two, sometimes  more, modalities to each of the poems. On one side, either side, defined  by the comfort and constancy of the reader’s or listener’s language,  another poem appears. Reading from top to bottom, the commonality of a  single language comes together. On the other side (the opposing side?), a third and distinct grouping is also generated. Each of these  readings is a different poem; each of these poems give meaning and form  to the triptico.”